I've started at Betacowork!

Satprod Group is taking seats at Betacowork

So, today, I’ve started to cowork with Gus. Yes, finally after years of work at my place, I wanted to leave my house a bit during the week.
So, we decide to find a place to rent with a great womminuty to work with. After few searchs, we’ve found the Betacowork space in Etterbeek. Yes, like 5minutes walk from our acutal place! And like Gus said, 5minutes walk if we’re slow.
We took some info from Stefania Scognamiglio on their website (instant chat) and we subscribe for a trial day the day after.
We started our day with a visit kindly done by Sara Magnabosco, after that, we sit with Ramon Suarez during his lunch (with the non-enought knowed spicy sauce :) ) and explained him our project. The place is quiet, lighty and the team that leads the project seems fun and proactive. Let’s try then!
We choosed our local between the three availables (two “noisy” and a quiet one). We pick up a “noisy” (it means that you can skype there or receive a phone call) and seriously, I’m sure I am more noisy when I sleep, so it’s really confortable.

CoWorking Zone

The first day was a great experience, we gain in productivity and I came back home workless. And this last one is really the plus of this solution.

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