About me

I would define myself as a multimedia dreamer.

I’ve started as sound engineer since I’m fifteen. I’ve worked for several live companies and also as a freelancer. I’ve got a great experience in Live sound. Nowadays, 12 years of experience.

Since 2006, I’ve started working in Studios, and started building mine (Satprod-studio).

Lately, I turned to be more a technical guy, I’m building custom electronic gear, develop high-featured Web Back Office, automated living environemnt and live shows, etc…

Between 2012 and 2014, I’ve worked at SAE Institute (Brussels and Online) as a teacher, IT Sysadmin and Developer.

Since february 2014, I’m fully working for the technical activities inside Satprod. My main job is to design, develop and setup high-tech automated process for personnal, artistic, industrial and commercial uses (IPTv, Domotic Automation, Energy Scaling, etc…).

I’m already interested by your project and we definitely have to take a sip together to discuss about your idea.

Be welcome to contact me!

Contact me

[email protected]